Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little bit of my life - March 2011

This winter the dining room table was once again covered in plastic, and I dragged in my grow light from the greenhouse. Since some seeds need a warm environment, I've been able to start seeds successfully using this method.

These are Adenium seedlings that I started a couple weeks ago. This is their first day without the cover to their jiffy greenhouse. They're Royal Ruby and Phoenix seedlings.
The individually potted plants are Adenium that I started from seed last fall. They'll be going outside in just a couple of weeks.

The Nasturtium I sowed are already outside because they don't mind the cool nights. In fact, they thrive on cool nights ... unlike me, who still has the electric blanket going every night.

Today I planted a bunch of Cosmos seeds that I had given to me. Many of these could be planted in the greenhouse now, but I enjoy keeping a closer eye on them. I check them out when I turn on the grow light at 5 AM and when I turn it off at 9 PM. It's such a pleasant surprise to see them pop up from the moist growing medium.