Saturday, August 28, 2010


Naked Chef?!! He might have a point!

When I first heard the term 'Naked Chef', referring to Jamie Oliver, my mind flashed to the time I spilt a glob of brownie batter on one of my favorite tops, or the many times I've splashed EVOO on my clothes .... and I thought, "Eureka! What a great idea! Cook while you're naked and you'll never ruin any of your clothes!" When I had time for a 2nd thought I knew it'd never work for me.... Not with my WASP, Puritan, New England upbringing. "What would the neighbors think" replayed in my mind. It was one of my Mom's favorite sayings when we'd want to do anything the least bit scandalous. She had such a good sense of humor in so many ways .... but not in that one area.

If you can't see yourself cooking in your birthday suit you might like the new Tide Stain Release In-Wash Boosters. I've gotten out the brownie batter and the EVVO by tossing one of them in with the regular wash. They're pretty pricey though, so look for them when they're on sale.

My apologies to Jamie Oliver for my wicked thoughts. I originally wouldn't watch his PBS show because I thought it was a publicity stunt with a Chef actually cooking in the nude. Once I got to see his show I thoroughly agreed with him. I'll take fresh made unprocessed food over a chicken nugget any day!

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