Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Christmas Wreaths

It's a little early to put up the Christmas Wreaths, but as those who craft know, you have to make them early in order to obtain all the supplies. Christmas supplies are in stock in October. If you wait until December to start putting together a wreath you'll find all the best materials are long gone. Every year I put together 2 Christmas Wreaths, but spend the whole year gathering the ornaments that I need to make them. There's not a month during the year that my mind isn't sliding over to Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Each year I've had a more and more difficult time finding the gold leaves and mini mirror ball ornaments that I need to complete the wreaths. I fear this may be my final year for the wreaths. Sad, because I find that children of all ages seem to enjoy these wreaths. Looking at the ornaments brings back memories. Memories of sitting on the floor, watching The Mickey Mouse Club. The joy of hearing a fairy tale or watching a Disney movie on a black and white TV. Saturday morning cartoons! Later, the joy of that first trip to Disneyland ... and how I still get that foolish happy grin on my face each time I wander down Main Street. Life is good!

In just a few weeks most will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate our fall and winter holidays. When I lived in New England, these holidays are what made the bitter cold bearable. Now I have sunshine most of the year. Still, I found that the holidays are still just as special as they were in my frost-bound years. I Hope you all have a blessed holiday season.


  1. They are fantastic Mary, what a wonderful talent you have!

  2. Wreaths make me sing andnow I know why I am always a Johnnie-come-lately for preparing the best ones! Yours are lovely.